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The US department of energy estimates that 500m motors in the US alone waste 80% of the energy they consume.

Trial Programme - Manufacturers and OEMs

Motor manufacturers and OEMs interested in Synchropulse's energy saving motor technology can apply for a trial programme. This allows evaluations of the technology installed in specific applications.

The Trial programme consists of:

1. Specification and Analysis

To start with, a manufacturer or OEM submits either:

Synchropulse engineers match these requirements with the strengths of the technology to determine if there is a good fit, sufficient to justify moving to the next stage.

2. a. Bespoke Designand Prototype

The Synchropulse technology is tailored to each customer's specific requirements using extensive CAD modelling techniques prior to building a prototype. This can happen via:

We ask customers toprovide test motors and documentation as required to facilitate this.

2. b. Select standard design

Where a standard Synchropulse design exists it is used or adapted, prior to submitting into the evaluation stage.

3. Testing

Prior to testing, Synchropulse and the customer develop a test protocol based on the project objectives. First the prototypes are tested internally to see how they meet the objectives. Then theSynchropulse motor and controller are sent to an independent testing lab and/or the customer's own testing facility for verification. All tests require non-disclosure agreements.

4. Analysis and review

Synchropulse will provide a written review to accompany the test results. At this point, customers typically conduct their own field-testing by installing the test motor into a working application.

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